Thursday, October 29, 2009

Livin La Vida Coco!

I would like to say that this post has been delayed because I was unpacking, doing laundry, scrubbing my floors, getting a face lift etc. but it is late because the settings for posting have changed since I last posted and it took me a while to figure it out because I am somewhat handicapped in this area.
The point of this post is that we went to visit Coco and company last weekend and had a blast!  Thank you Coco for your hospitality.  You and your kids are a blast and we enjoyed every minute as usual.

We went to Sea World again and the weather was amazing because it was sunny and 75 degrees.  We went in July for Sydney's birthday and it was 110 degrees and very humid in San Antonio, TX.

The kids were mesmerized by the aquarium with all of the fish and of course sharks!  We were in there for a long time and wishing we knew about it in July since it was air conditioned.

We got to feed the dolphins which is something we couldn't get near last summer...

The lip of the pool is slanted and designed for the kids to lay on their stomachs and feed the dolphins with one hand and pet with the other and not fall in.  Sydney didn't really get this but she didn't fall in so all is well.

Sad Tessie Mayes drinking my root beer while everyone else (except me) rode the Shamu Express roller coaster.  Bram got to ride this one and he was happy.  He did not get to ride the Steele Eel with Coco and Sydney.

Tessie Mayes singing Gummy Bear song on You Tube...this is how she wakes up in the morning beautifull and singing...kind of like a dream!

We left Coco's for home but stopped by the pumpkin patch to paint pumpkins.

Face painting.....

Look! A tiger!
Lots of photo ops for the kids.

We left after a couple of hours and headded back to Fort Worth but first we stopped at the Dublin Dr. Pepper plant.  They weren't bottling that day but there was a party for the unveiling of the historical marker.


  1. Such good pics!! I can't wait for y'all to come back.

  2. Cute picturs!

    Came over from Coco's blog.....nice to meet you!

    -Casey from