Monday, October 5, 2009

I have been waiting all year for these babies!

These, my friends are honey crisp apples and they are magnificent! They are hands down the best apple in the world and I love all kinds of apples. Also they are a sign that summer and the hot weather of Texas are finally coming to an end. I am a total fall/winter kind of gal. I love sweaters, fires, chili and anything else you can think of that says cold weather. When I see honey crisp apples and pumpkins I know that cold weather (in my case cooler) is very near. Some people in Texas do burn their fireplaces when the temperature drops below 60 degrees...I know because I smelled a neighbor burning one of those stinky dura-flame logs the other night. To me they smell like when you blow out a candle.
My daughter begins belting out Christmas carols at the first sight of a pumpkin. I have asked her to please refrain from that particular activity until at least Thanksgiving has passed. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because is revolves nothing but eating, being around loved ones and being thankful. For my dear sweet daughter it is just another big lunch of stuff she doesn't eat. As we speak she in on the back porch reciting the names of all of Santa's reindeer. I am off to find my ear plugs.
I promise I am in no way a Scrooge...but give me a's October 5th!


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  2. I just bought some honey crisps myself tonight!! No wonder we are so close. Love you bunches!!