Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another tooth gone!

Today Sydney had the second of two teeth pulled to make room for her big girl teeth.  They have been slow in coming out and the new ones so far have come in on top of one another. Nice. We have an amazing pediatric dentist in our area so it is as pleasant as possible and I do my best to make the day special!

First of all we had donuts at our favorite donut shop which happens to be right around the corner from the dentist. Sydney LOVES her some donuts!  We don't eat donuts very often anymore because I don't like the donut shop near our house and Krispy Kreme is gone:(

For Sydney it's only chocolate covered donut holes, a chocolate donut and a chocolate twist!  She always gets all three but doesn't eat it all at once!

After the dentist we came home and I made her a chocolate shake! Notice the vintage blender! Nice. I got it new! Vanilla ice cream, milk and chocolate syrup....

Voila! A chocolate shake for my little girl!

 Aren't my little canisters cute? I got them at Wal-Mart for $6.00 each and I love them!

We are going to have a quiet day today but it's back to the books tomorrow! Also notice that I went solo hubby, no mom and I DID NOT faint or even come close. Last week I got all clammy just thinking about it.  I sat down and read a good article about Jillian Michaels in the Ladies Home Journal and she was done. We don't go back to the dentist until July!


  1. I love all the chocolate. A girl after my own heart!

  2. What a good girl. I'm now craving chocolate milk! Love those canisters. 6 bucks? Major deal!