Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!!!

It is nearly noon and the temperature is 22 degrees with a windchill of 9 degrees.  It's Texas people! My faucets are dripping and my house is cold.  We just put in 18 inches of insulation too but when the wind is blowing 30mph it is a little drafty and both bathrooms are on northern walls.  This weather is crazy but it happens every 10 years or so but this is the land where never store our flip flops, shorts and tank tops. I don't despair (too much) because next week we shall have highs near 60s again or warmer! So I am going to enjoy and snuggle up with my hubby, little girl, dog or cat...TTFN


  1. We have a huge fire going, and I'm about to make veggie soup for dinner. Love me some cold weather:-)