Monday, January 25, 2010

Hallelujah! And Amen!

Yes, the angels sang at Mama Sue's house yesterday because I FINALLY got rid of my sliding glass door.  It was not just any sliding glass door it was the worst one in the entire history of glass doors!  There was a glass door plus a glass storm door.  The original door from 1965 when the house was built.  I'm certain the storm door was added in the 70s during the energy crisis.  Some of you remember that we could only drive 55mph on the Interstate and salesmen terrorized neighborhoods tricking people into ugly aluminum storm doors. Well they are ugly but I'm sure I have the lowest energy bill on the block!  There is more about the old door...sometimes (most times) the door locked when you closed it...just ask my mom.  Then there was the storm door that didn't slide...just ask my mother in law.  I got so mad one day last summer that I removed the lock from the door and inserted a stick and dared anyone to close the non rolling storm door.  The day finally came!

Here are a few pics of the project  the one in the blue shirt is Jason our favorite friend and contractor and the other one is his grunt Rick (a.k.a. my hubby).

Ugly no?


Folks, this is just the beginning!  Actually, last year Jason totally tore down our broken down and leaky patio cover and built a new one from scratch... I will post about that one involves a lead footed Columbian and a chicken...Really!  There will be more amazing transformations happening here over the next year.

removing of paneling
remodel of kitchen
and much more!!

Also, I completed my first week of Weight Watchers and lost 5 lbs! 45 more to go!


  1. Wow. What a great day! A door added and 5 pounds gone. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks fabulous!!!!

    5 lbs????!!!! AWESOME, Susan!!!! So proud of you.

  3. As the wife of your contractor, I must say his new helper is MUCH better then Omar, the Columbian from the patio coverage job!!! Does Rick need a side job???

    You go girl losing 5 pounds. I am so proud of you. We can do this together, I know it. Can't wait you to see you Saturday night.