Saturday, January 16, 2010

The faces of Haiti

When Sydney was in 1st grade, her class mission project was to fill shoeboxes and send them to Haiti. It is actually a project that the school and our church take on every year. We had so much fun going and getting personal items and a toy for the 3-year-old little girl that Sydney chose. The father of one of her classmates went on the mission trip to deliver the boxes and I know it changed him forever. Sydney was particularly interested in how the Haitians plumbing (bathrooms), no running water, unpaved roads etc. Mr. Hoffman sent these pictures to Sydney after she expressed interest in becoming a missionary because of this experience. She also wanted to work at Build a Bear that year. Nonetheless, this experience had and effect on her. This morning I woke up thinking about these children and explained the tragedy in Haiti to Sydney.  We pulled out these pictures and prayed and cried for these sweet innocents. I urge you to do the same.

Here are some of the pictures Mr. Hoffman sent Sydney:

While we are all focused on this and other tragedies, please remember to pray for those who are suffering and in need in our own country, state, neighborhood.  There are people all around us who need prayer and the truth is suffering is suffering whether it is because of a giant earth quake, hurricane or the loss of a loved one or even the loss of a job.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. The last one speaks volumes. What an amazing connection you all have.