Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yesterday and a couple of blogs for you!

Yesterday my baby had to have a tooth pulled to make room for others.  The weeks leading up to this event were dramatic and we were both nervous.  It was orignially scheduled for last week but was cancelled due to snow and ice.  Anyhoo, yesterday was the big day and she was a champ.  While I was in the waiting room crumpled into a ball, she was back there with the gas and never knew when the tooth came out!  Seriously, I felt a little faint when we first walked in but thankfully, my mom to the rescue again!  Yea!  Way to go Sydney for being so brave and strong.  Tooth number 2 is scheduled for next Wednesday...I hope it goes as well.

Speaking of my mom here is what she looks like and what I will look like in 20 years.  She is holding my sweet dog Belle!

Today I recommend that you read Buzzings of a Queen Bee  she has the cutest ideas for quick winter decorations that are not red and green. Also please go to Coco's Cuckoo World and read today's post. Not only is she beautiful, she is a good will ambassador. I might be a little predjudiced because she is a cousin of mine and she has two of the cutest and most entertaining babies in the world...outside of my house!

After school today we will have a play date with Angel and Cindy...ahhh adult conversation? In the middle of the day?

Soon I will recommend a cookbook and diet that my sister in law lost a lot of weight on...REALLY! I stayed up late last night and read some of the cook book and the recipes look awsome but easy!


  1. You are sweet AND prejudice. Ha.
    I'm shocked from all you have been through that a tooth being pulled made you faint.

    Your mom is so beautiful. Like you.

  2. Hurry up and share the cookbook with us!! BTW, the chili and chicken were delish last weekend :-) Thanks again for your help making them.