Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cold and Rainy

Today has been a lazy cold rainy day! It's hard to believe that yesterday I walked my dog in a short sleeved T-shirt. Now it's rainy and 41 degrees (wind chill 34). I'm thinking I will make chili for dinner.

There was a visitor today to join us for school. Sydney's good friend Angel who is also home schooled (and also has dyslexia) came for a few hours. She is also an only child so these play dates/school times together are rather coveted. The two of them are much like sisters and the day goes like this. School. Hugging, yelling, crying and more hugging and so on. The great thing is that Angel's mom and I are great friends and we don't get freaked out over who started it etc. It always gets resolved. It is always fun when your child has a playdate and you are friends with the other mom. It's a special friendship for me because most of her friends have parents who are much younger than I am. At 49 it's a little hard to find sane women who have an 8 year old!

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  1. Thanks Susan! I feel the same way about you and the friendship the girls have. I cherish the title "sane"! And you can say that knowing the kind of conversations - well, I mean "partial conversations" - we always have!!!

    Blessings on your day and those who you touch through this blog!

    Angel's mom