Monday, March 30, 2009

Sick Day

Sydney has a cold resulting in a nasty cough and an asthma flair up. This is our day today. Get up, cough a lot, eat breakfast, read Black Beauty, cough a lot, have lunch in Mama and Daddy's bed, cough a lot more...take a breathing treatment. The Pari nebulizer has one of our best friends since Sydney was 2. Today we will need to do this every 4 hours. She is an excellent patient. Based on extensive questioning her ears are fine, throat is fine, head is fine, nose is fine. Just coughing and "yucky feeling". Sydney doesn't complain when she is sick so when I suspect she doesn't feel well I have to bombard her with questions. No fever either. Hopefully this is allergy or crazy Texas weather induced and won't go on for long! By the way my hubby has this too and I am the only one well in the house which is unusual.


  1. We have the same thing here! Bram is having a breathing treatment as I type this.
    He totally go Bryan's allergies. If the weather is weird, his little lungs go crazy. Ugh!
    I hope she feels better.

  2. Conner got put on steriods yesterday for his asthma!! It really is in the air right now. Stay well so you can take care of all the sickies. Love you.