Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family, Fun, Food and Chickens

Last night we celebrated Friday by going to visit cousin Tessie who lives in the country. This is where Sydney's hen Martina now resides. Last spring Sydney hand raised her from a chick for about 16 weeks before adding her to Tessie's hen house. Sydney is always so happy to see her. She also raised a rooster from the same batch of eggs but we had him a lot longer before we found him a home. As you can see by the picture above they are very happy to see each other! Sydney still struggles from time to time eating chicken. My advice is to never keep food as a pet.

Here is cousin Tessie with Sydney. After visiting the hens we headed over to our favorite cafe, Mary's on the Brazos. Mary's quite possibly has the best fried catfish in Texas but I don't know for sure because I haven't tried them all. I am still working my way through the best Mexican food of Texas. Fish isn't my favorite unless I am eating at Mary's. This was my number one craving when I was pregnant with Sydney and we ate there many, many Friday nights during that time so we have been making this trip for at least nine years, probably more. Mary's also has amazing home made pies. Rick and I had coconut and Sydney and Tessie had the chocolate.

Hard to believe my precious baby is growing up so fast!

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