Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break and stuff!

Spring break is here and I am so glad! We aren't planning on taking a full blown spring break but today with the amazing weather we spent the whole day outside with one of Sydney's oldest friends Taryn. They became friends in preschool when they were 3 and they have been friends since. Today we went to Calloway's nursery, then Central Market for lunch and playtime, then a local park. Here is a picture of them at our church's fall festival in 2005. Don't they look sweet in their princess costumes?

Here is another one from today...can you say juice mustache? And I'm pretty sure teeth need brushing! Sydney is the brunette and Taryn is the blond.

Sydney has been blessed to have a few really good and special friends, but today it was Sydney and Taryn joined at the hip! The rest of the week involves time with Griffin on Wednesday and Angel on Thursday and there was rumblings of Taryn again on Friday. I think I can leverage a little bedroom and playroom tidying out of this!

Here is my back fence with my Carolina Jasmine (some say it's Jessamine). Whatever! I love the way it always starts blooming in late February signalling the return of spring.

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